Meant for More

Inside every one of us is the yet to be realized man or woman of God we were meant to be.

Meant for more

You were meant for something more. I believe in your heart of hearts you know this. Let this phrase become the banner that is raised over your life. Let these words resonate in the depth of your soul, that you would become who were always meant to be.

Do not simply embrace this truth, but walk in it. Do not simply learn how to change, but change. You have no idea of all the great and wonderful things the Lord has in mind for you.

Many, O Lord my God, are Your wonderful works Which You have done; And Your thoughts toward us Cannot be recounted to You in order; If I would declare and speak of them, They are more than can be numbered. Psalm 40:5 NKJV

Inside every one of us is the yet to be realized man or woman of God we were meant to be. As long as we are not what we should be, we will not be satisfied. Most go through life seeking, but never finding. Most get to a point where they think there is nothing more. But there is something more.

To reach higher, you must go higher. But to go higher, you must believe that you can. And this is the fork in the road where we all come to. Where we realize that we cannot ascend higher on our own. There are only two choices you can make, you can give up and live out the defeated life, or you can rely upon Christ alone, surrendering to Him, and then you will live out the life of victory.

You were meant for something more. God is either the meanest Creator ever, placing in man a desire for something which he could never achieve. Or God is the grandest Orchestrator of all times, putting in man the desire for something grand, and then giving him everything he needs to achieve it.

The depth of your soul longs for something greater, something grander, and something wonderful. And that Something is only in our Lord Jesus. Who you are in Christ is who you were meant to be. It’s not just a little better you, it is a new you. He does not take away your identity, rather He clarifies your true identity.

“…put on the new man who is renewed in knowledge according to the image of Him who created him” (Colossians 3:10).

You are an image bearer, and that image is Jesus.

Our something more is not of us, but Him in us.

We need to get to the point where we actually see that what Jesus said, He really meant. And that we can really do what He said we can do. And that we can really become who He said we could become. He was serious.

The scariest part about the truth of Scripture is that it is really true. But the funny part is that once we realize this, in that very instant we will find there is nothing to fear anymore at all, because it is all true! It is the paradigm shift that anyone can do, but only one in a thousand will.

Be that one in a thousand.

Dare to live a life surrendered to Christ, that His life would then reign in you.

Be the something more that you were meant to be.

11 thoughts on “Meant for More

    1. Thank you so much! I remember the day when I had these words whispered into my heart, “you were meant for something more”. I had longed to write for the Lord, and waited 14 years for this to become my calling, and these were the words that set it into motion. I pray the Lord is working mightily in your life!

      1. Things are happening so quickly! God is working in amazing and wonderfully mysterious ways in my life. I’m beginning to see His hand in everything I do. It is exhilarating and frightening at the same time. The exhilaration comes from the Holy Spirit, the fright comes from my being a bit of a control freak, and realizing I must relinquish my control to God, and count on His perfect will, rather than His permissive will.
        I want to tell you a true story. My stepson, Seamus, had moved to British Columbia about ten years ago. After being there a few months, he told us he was hoping to buy a Volkswagen…he wanted it to be either a Jetta or a Golf (he didn’t care which one), and he preferred standard transmission. He was looking in the classifieds for his dream car every day. He had $4800 saved up, but every one that he found in the classifieds, was out of his reach financially. So my husband (his father) said “Let’s all pray about this.” So that’s what we did…we prayed that God would find him the right car. Well, one day he phoned to tell us he’d found his dream car sitting in a parking lot at a video store, and it had a for sale sign in the window. He peered through the window, saw that it had standard transmission, then phoned us to make sure we continued to pray about this. He phoned the owner, asked what he wanted to sell it for (over $8,000 was the price). Seamus asked him if he would take $4,800 as a down paymebt, and then let him make payments to pay it off. The gentleman said he would need to talk to his wife about that, and would get back to him. The very next day, this gentleman phoned Seamus and said “My wife and I prayed about it, and we feel that The Lord has put it on our hearts that we are to give you this car.” Well, I’m sure you can imagine that Seamus was over the moon! Seamus said,,”I can give you the $4,800 today, and make payments of $200 per month until it’s paid off.” Then, the man said, “I don’t think you’re hearing what I’m saying…God wants us to GIVE the car to you, no money Will change hands.” So they GAVE that car to Seamus. And it filled our hearts with even more hope in The Lord! God is amazing! There is nothing He can’t do. The people who gave the car to Seamus are Christians, and they had no idea that Seamus, too, is a Christian, nor were they aware that he and his family were praying that God would make a way for him to have this car. Well, you can just imagine how we were singing God’s praises, giving Him the glory for this miracle. So Seamus went to pick up the car, prayed with the sellers, and thanked them. They said, “Don’t thank us. Thank The Lord.” So we all gave praise, honour and glory to The Lord. Seamus found a new church to try in BC (their church), and had a great reliable car to get around in. God is sooooooo good, and He’s still in the miracle biz. He is the same yesterday, today and forever! Woooo! So exciting to watch the Lord move on behalf of a loved one! Lives were changed that day, prayers were answered favourably, and our faith bore fruit. Praise him!

      2. That is such a wonderful testimony of the power of God and the power released through the prayers of His saints. Nothing is impossible with God, if we would just believe. I wrote once that the problem with most believers is they do not believe. We need to pray like believers. And when we do, the windows of heaven will open. This does not mean He will answer frivolous prayers or prayers outside His own will. But it does mean He will answer our prayers even above what we can ask, if in our asking we are on the path of His gracious righteous heavenly will. I have had so many miracles come to pass that I am hesitant to even recant more than a few, because so many cannot believe. I was hesitant to recount any of them for a long time, thinking I would lose my ability to reach people who have a hard time believing in the power of God. But in prayer I had this impressed upon me, “they don’t believe Me either”. I did not hear these words, but I knew from where they came. Thank you so very much for sharing this precious story with me!

      3. My pleasure. I just discovered this site a few days ago, and it looks to me like there’s some good stuff going on here. Will be sharing the link with my friends at our weekly women’s bible study this coming Monday. I’m a native Californian, freezing my buns off in Canada. Where are you? Are you a Pastor? Would love to hear the testimony of you and your missus 😀 God bless you and your family.

      4. Thanks so much, really appreciate the encouragement. I have so much material, but want to be prayerful in how I present it. Let me know what your Bible study group thinks. It is such a joy to connect with brothers and sisters in Christ around the world! I was born and raised in So Cal, and still live there. Though every other week I live in Boston, where I am tonight after traveling today. I am not an ordained Pastor, is not my calling. But I had the great privilege to teach and preach 2-3 days each week for seven years in three state prisons. Before that I was seven years in the same organization, prison fellowship, serving in the correspondence ministry, which i loved doing as well. After 14 years the Lord called me out of the prison ministry. I have continued preaching on the “outside” as a guest teacher, but am now really focused on the virtual church, and reaching out through the web and social media. I need to get my testimony on the web site, will do soon. If you are on facebook check out my facebook page “He has you” and if you would like to connect with my personal account too. I post a devotional every day, am almost to four years not missing a day yet! Blessings to you sister!

      5. I posted a link to this site on Diligent Daughters FB page, and have already received several “thanks”, and I posted it on my Ladies Connect – Evangel FB page for my Bible study girl friends. I’ll be talking with them about it at tomorrow night’s Bible study.
        A dear family friend was involved in prison ministry for quite a few years. He said it was very fulfilling. Incidentally, my uncle was always being arrested on drug charges, was in jail so much we used to say he was doing life on the instalment plan, leaving my aunt to look after the kids herself, and it was just a terrible situation. He was a member of one of the outlaw biker gangs, although I can’t recall which one, but he was getting into a lot of trouble with them as well. Anyway, the last time he was in prison, someone involved in prison ministry led him to The Lord, and today my uncle is an associate pastor in Arizona. Before they landed in Arizona, he and my aunt were Missionaries in Zaire for about ten years. It is amazing to see how his life has changed once he gave it all to Jesus. I was born and raised in Southern California, moved to San Francisco when I moved out, and just let my life go to hell in a hand basket, as they say. I was married and divorced too young, then became involved with a punk rock celebrity, which led me to heavy drug use, and all the stupidity that goes along with that. The SF earthquake of October ’89 changed all of that. You might say it scared me to life because I couldn’t stop thinking about God after that. I dumped the rockstar, went back to my family in Southern California, started going to church with my mom, and, one day, answered the altar call and gave my heart to God. Had another bad marriage that produced two beautiful daughters (so it wasn’t all bad), and swore I would never marry a non-believer again. Moved to Canada in 2001, am now married to a man who loves The Lord, and I’ve been freezing ever since hahaha. My husband was born and raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and he was raised in the Catholic Church, but is now born again and Pentecostal. God is good. 😀

      6. Thank you for sharing my site, I really appreciate that! I just loved the story of your uncle! These are the stories that just lift my soul! i love stories of redemption. Lives turned around. Hearts changed. Minds renewed. And i love how God weaves it all together through so many people and circumstances, such that we would never wish we would have gone through all we did, but realize we would never be who we are had we not endured and done the things we had done. Jesus said He came for the sinners, and i am in great company when I am with people like your uncle, like yourself, all of us just broken and fallen people picked up by the grace of God. You have been through very much, but I sense you have come out the other side shaped with a character in a way that could only be shaped by the hammer and chisel of the circumstances you have been through. And what a precious gift the Lord gave you in the midst of this, two precious daughters! I have two as well and a son. And now you have a new marriage to a God fearing man. What a true blessing! Now if we could only get you to somewhere warmer! Haha! I lived near Toronto on and off for about a year, had an apartment. I miss my Canada. I loved the summer nights, the boardwalk in Toronto, the forests of Algonquin, Niagara falls. The Fall colors on the trees. So now i get my seasons in Boston! So glad to have met you!

      7. I live in the Toronto area. It’s such a small world, and the internet makes it seem even smaller. Have met so many inspirational people on the internet who I would have never met without this technology. The Mister and I are planning to move further north to the Bruce Peninsula area, where winter starts earlier and ends later…I must be a glutton for punishment haha. It’s about a three-hour drive north of Toronto. Glad to meet you as well. I look forward to reading more of your thoughts on our Lord.

      8. I have not been in the Bruce Peninsula area, but up north in Algonquin was spectacular, though it was in the summer. Thank you for your kind words on what I have written. I was posting some audio messages as well, but these do not get much activity so am planning to try video taping some messages. I don’t care if I do not get many hits, is ok if i am in His will, but want to find the right way to do His service. I really enjoy speaking as I record and post without edits, and so often it is more inspired and I get so much out of going back to listen too. Will see how that develops! Thanks again!

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