When you want to know about a man or woman, you generally focus in on a few key elements of the person’s life. The person’s family, their job, their interests. But when you come across a servant for Christ, you always zero in on their faith. Some will target specific litmus tests of doctrinal positions. Others will simply ask for their denomination, thinking that is telling of the roots from which a man has grown. But I can tell you, what matters most in the heart of a man or a woman, is to what degree the Lord Jesus Christ reigns in their life. That is the measure that I want to be tested by and to live up to.

I spent fourteen years doing ministry in Prison Fellowship, seven of them going into three different state prisons. During that time I was teaching, counseling and preaching. The Lord called me out of that ministry and placed me in another. All we have to do is be obedient, and He will use us, not by how we imagined He would, but by His imagination.

Since then, I have been in an intense season of getting dangerously close to God, yet once there finding it to be the safest place anywhere that a man could be. Would love to hear from you and learn about your story.

May the Lord bless you in all you do,