About the Author

The He has you page was created by Paul Balius as an outlet for his writing ministry. Paul was born in Lynwood, California, near Los Angeles, and grew up nearby. He was raised in a Christian home by parents who were forged out of the farmlands of Iowa. Though Paul did not come to faith until later in life, he was surrounded by a godly family throughout his childhood.

When Paul was twenty-three, he was married to his best friend and soulmate, Mary Ann De La Paz. Mary was a believer before Paul, and she saw to it their children went to church every week. Some years later, Paul gave his life to Jesus and then immersed himself for many years in studying all the things of the Lord.

Paul became filled with a passion to serve the Lord. He joined Prison Fellowship Ministries where he served for fourteen years. He ended up teaching and preaching three days a week or more at three different state prisons. While serving in this ministry, he met many mighty believers who walked in the power of the Holy Spirit.

While in the prison ministry, Paul was filled with the Holy Spirit and began to experience the gifts of the Holy Spirit. He was grounded in conservative teachings and now found himself reaching for the spiritual things of heaven. He discovered that the spiritual promises in the Word were all true.

After fourteen years with Prison Fellowship, the Lord gave Paul a firm calling to step out of the prison ministry and into the ministry of writing. It is now Paul’s life mission from God to teach and inspire others to grow in their spiritual life and become all that God has ordained them to be.

Paul and Mary currently reside in Orange, California.