If You Can Believe

What impossible thing would you pray for if you could believe enough that God might do it?

  • Can you imagine your life with a faith that unlocks the power that comes from heaven?
  • Are you ready to cross over that bridge from unbelief to belief in all that God can do?
  • If you are willing, then God is able to help you grow into a faith that can move mountains!

In the book If You Can Believe, you will learn:

  • That you can believe such that all things are possible.
  • The incredible power that comes through believing.
  • The ways that God teaches you to believe even more.
  • How to believe for that miracle you need.
  • Having faith even when God says no.
  • Overcoming all your doubts and fears.
  • How to have a faith that can move mountains.

If you can believe, then the impossible will become possible! Get your copy of If You Can Believe and take hold of all that God has in store for you.

This book is a desperately needed message for this generation struggling in a world filled with sickness, fear, and upheaval. The book will impart hope for every life crisis and build faith that all things are possible! – Bonnie Calkins, Pastor and Prophetic Teacher, California, USA

If you would journey with Paul Balius in this book, he will lead you into the heart of God through a seamless integration of deep contemplation, intimate personal experience, and biblical truth. Once you finish, you may find yourself believing that the faith of a mustard seed is more than a parable but a reality in your life. – James Yu, a Disciple of Jesus, Missionary and Pastor, Asia

I absolutely loved the book! Paul Balius’ humbleness and sincere love for people allowed God to use him. His biblical based writing and transparency truly touched my soul! – Dr. Lenai Carraway, Pastor, California, USA

God has led Paul to pen the words that burn so passionately in his heart. This book is a beautiful story, with the author so clearly being the Heavenly Father. May this book be a gift and blessing to you, the reader. – Dr. Brian and Taytum Allwood, South Africa

The Promise of the Holy Spirit

Do you sense that you were meant for something more? You were meant for something more, and the something more is nothing less than being filled with the Spirit of God.

Do you long to walk in a higher faith with a deeper sense of the presence of the Holy Spirit? 

Do you long to hear the voice of the Lord speaking into your life?

Do you long to have spiritual gifts that you might serve God with them? 

In The Promise of the Holy Spirit, you will learn:

  • About the promises of God for you.
  • Coming to know the Holy Spirit.
  • Being filled with the Holy Spirit.
  • Being changed by the Holy Spirit.
  • How to hear the Holy Spirit.
  • Being led by the Holy Spirit.
  • How to receive prophetic words.
  • Discovering your spiritual gifts.
  • How to reach a higher faith.

Paul Balius has spent over twenty years in ministry. He spent fourteen years in the prison ministry, seven of them teaching and preaching in several state prisons. Several years ago, the Lord called him out of prison ministry to begin a writing ministry. The purpose of the writing was to help Christians reach a higher faith that they were meant to have.

Are you ready to go to the next level in your faith? Get your copy of The Promise of the Holy Spirit and take hold of all that God has in store for you.

“In one word, ‘awesome!’” —Dr. Donald Warrick, Pastor and State Chaplain, retired, California Department of Corrections at CRC, Norco, CA, USA

“Paul Balius has written a comprehensive training guide to assist on our journey from mediocrity to being filled with the Holy Spirit.” —Pastor Richard McCloud, Heart Afire Fellowship Church, Streetsboro, Ohio, USA

“Anointed, powerful, yet simple. Holy Ghost rhema revelation from page to page. Every new and seasoned believer should read this book.” —Minister K. DeeAnne Macomber Mataitoga, Walking With The Word Ministries, Toulouse, France

“This book will inspire the reader to seek out Holy Spirit in a brand new way.”—Pastor Larry Graham, Grace Ministries Church, Windsor, ON, Canada