Be Real With God

The mask you wear is the man you’re not. You may be able to fool man, but you will never fool God.

Stop trying to fool people and instead live your life such that you don’t have to. Just be real with who you are. Speak such that if your living is found out it lines up with all you have said.

It takes half the effort to just be yourself. If people don’t like you as you are, then why would you ever try to be something different so you can attract those very people?

Is Christ the Rock you stand on, or merely the necklace you wear? Does the faith you show reflect your heart, or merely mask it? The more you have to tell people of Christ in you, the less He is.

Just because you act like a Christian does not make you one. You know you are acting when you cannot keep up the act. It is not what we appear to be that matters, but who we are.

Quit playing Christian and get real with your faith. The Lord can do more with an honest sinner than a lying saint.

It is the difference between who we are at church and who we are at home that the Lord measures. Make it your desire that there would be no difference whatsoever.

The greatest saints in Scripture were never those who pretended to be perfect, but those who confessed that they were not. Jesus never said, “Blessed are the perfect ones”, but He did say, “Blessed are the poor in spirit…” (Matthew 5:3).

If you do not let the Holy Spirit convict you, then don’t be surprised that you never change.

What a blessed church we would have if we would let the Pastors be as infallible as the rest of us.

Stop trying to impress God with your pretend level of faith. The Lord is not seeking men who appear righteous, but those who seek Him with a humble heart. King David said to Solomon, “…the Lord searches all hearts and understands all the intent of the thoughts. If you seek Him, He will be found by you…” (1 Chronicles 28:9).

It is not the title you give yourself that defines you, but the life you live. Stop trying to fake the title, and let the title be what it will.

You can fake being filled by the Holy Spirit up to the point you have to live it. Never mistake soulful for spiritual. Being soulful is an outward expression for men to see. Being spiritual is an inward expression seen only by God.

Walking with God is never how religious you act but how obedient you are. You have to be real in your faith for God to be real in your life.

Real faith has power, the rest only looks good on your t-shirt.

It’s not what you say, but what you do. It’s not the faith you claim, but the faith you live. It’s not the mask you wear, but the man you are. It is not if you fall, but if you get back up. Get back up!

Be who you are. Stop pretending. You cannot fool God, and you are not that great at fooling others.

We all long for someone who is genuine. Be that person. Be the genuine soul for another that you long to have in your own life.

Can you imagine a faith as real as the one you pretend to have? Be daring enough to pray for such a faith.

I would rather spend a thousand days with an honest sinner than two minutes with the hypocrites in Christ that think themselves better than the rest of us.

Blessings to you,


4 thoughts on “Be Real With God

  1. “I would rather spend a thousand days with an honest sinner than two minutes with the hypocrites in Christ that think themselves better than the rest of us.”

    Same here! Today, a woman was arguing with me about my faith. She called me a liar, said I didn’t know what I was talking about, asked me how I pray, and when I told her “I pray in the mighty and matchless name of Jesus,” she wanted to know where in the Bible he was called “matchless. When I explained that scripture tells us there is no other name by which we may be saved, that our salvation comes only from Jesus, hence, nobody matches Him, she told me I was being heretical in describing Him as “matchless.” It was quite bizarre. She even tried to test me with questions like, “Was Jesus religious?” She was very snippy and rude…not just to me, but to another person as well, and I finally called her out on it. I told her that she wasn’t treating us the way that Jesus says we’re to treat one another, and she just continued insulting me and this other woman. I finally said, “If you’d like to know what I believe, check out my blog.” And she literally laughed at me. She knew scripture, she attends church, but it seemed to me that it was all ritual, nothing spiritual. I’d rather spend time with an honest atheist who’s a nice person than a believer like her any day.

    1. Some of the meanest people I know are Christians. I used to think it was because I expected more of them. But now I do not think that. I think many Christians truly enjoy beating on other people with their self-righteous clubs of doctrines. They think themselves servants of Christ while merely being pawns of the Devil. I fear for them on judgement day. But I know this, I will be judged on my behavior, and so it is at the foot of the cross that I plead to Jesus to show me my error. Be careful before you pray that, because He will show you if you can receive it. There is nothing more frightening on this earth than to peer into one’s own heart and discover the old man that still lurks within. The light of Christ only pleases us until it is pointed directly at us and we see all that is not of Christ.

    2. The truth spoken in love is a powerful thing.Lord help us to hold our peace esp when confronted by people and “sheep” who bite. I have heard from many born again people (thank God) that they too were like this lady, but secretly were desiring a higher level of faith. Those who I mention., by Gods grace not only have found and received, but have a victory testimony. Praise God. Some are still on their way. I believe this is why so clearly He call us not only to bless those…but pray for them as Christ did. I encourage you, and desire for you and all of Gods called, to move from strenght to strength. Amen

      1. Thank you for this message, such a good word! How much we need to learn to love and forgive others, especially those in the church. I think sometimes we hold our brothers and sisters in Christ to a higher expectation, and so when they fail we are more harsh with them than the pagans whom we have very little expectation. But it should be the reverse, how much more we should be forgiving to our brothers and sisters in Christ, knowing we are both covered by the same precious blood of Christ.

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