Growing In Your Faith (Part 3 Added on 4-4-2017)

The playlist below is published on the “He has you” YouTube channel, but you can just watch it below. This is an audio only message with a splash page added for YouTube. I will be adding segments to this playlist over the next few weeks. I pray that this message will be a blessing to you!

You can select which message to hear from the playlist by selecting the icon at the top left of the screen. The current list will be displayed, just select the one you want and then wait for it to load!

4 thoughts on “Growing In Your Faith (Part 3 Added on 4-4-2017)

  1. Yes this is encouraging .thank God and you for your obedience in Father God.🔥 I appreciate you very much for your time in help me and I’m sure many others that seek to grow in God. In His wisdom knowledge and understanding Amen Blessing Sir 🙏🏾 I would like to receive your devotion each day.

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